Bulletin & Homilies

You Will Die, and So Will I – Matthew 22
Fruitfulness in the Vineyard of the Diocese of Helena – Matthew 21
Saved Through Lip Service? – Matthew 21
Laborers for God – Matthew 20
Let Forgiveness Shine in Your Hearts
The Duty of Correction, from a Pastor’s Perspective – Matthew 18
Thinking About Suffering as God Does, Not as Humans Do – Matthew 16
The Miraculous Office of Peter
May All the Peoples Praise You! Matthew 15
Living in the Forth Watch
12 Anxious Men – Matthew 14
Predestined Only for Good Things – Matthew 13
Give Your Strength to Your Servant
The Fate of God’s Seed – Matthew 13
What is the “Yoke” that Jesus Speaks Of? – Matthew 11
Put God First
Do Not Be Afraid, Even in the Midst of Trauma – Matthew 10
The Eucharist as a Measure of Your Standing Before God – Corpus Christi 2020
Who God Is and Is Not – Trinity Sunday 2020
Pentecost 2020 – the Holy Spirit’s Diverse Manifestations
Jesus Ascended because His Mission was Finished
Welcome Them with Our Alleluia
Have You Ever Seen God? John 14
Four Tasks of the Good Shepherd
The Road to Emmaus – An Encounter with Faith
Good from Evil – Divine Mercy Sunday 2020
The Resurrection, Defended – Easter 2020
Jesus’ True Identity Revealed – Good Friday 2020
Any Urgent State of Affairs – Holy Thursday 2020
March 29 Sunday Readings and Homily
Readings and Homily – 4th Sunday of Lent
Abide in God’s Grace
Matthew 17 – Spiritual Highs and Lows
On Temptation, a Confusing Subject
Violence Neither to Others nor Ourselves – on Suicide
Don’t Forget to Polish the Inside!
The Salt of God’s Love, and the Light of His Truth – Matthew 5
Presentation of the Lord 2020
From One God of the Universe, Comes One Universal Faith -Matt 4
Behold the Lamb of God
Jesus’ Two Births – Baptism of the Lord 2020
You Can Know that God Is By Reason, and Who God is by Revelation – Epiphany 2020
Holy Family 2019 – Some Reflections on Spiritual Fatherhood
Christmas 2019 – the Great Lengths God Goes to Convince Us of His Love
Mary and Joseph’s Visits by Angels and Marriage
Be Joy to the World

Homily Archive

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Mar 14 – 15 2020

Mar 7-8 2020