Bulletin & Homilies

Mark 6 – Anointing of the Sick
Mark 6 – On Prophecy, Jesus’ Brothers and Sisters, and Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh
Reach to Jesus in Faith, Receive New Life
Of Marriage and Martyrdom
From Cultural Catholicism to Forming Intentional Disciples
The Creation of the World, Man, and Evolution
Christ is Truly Present, Fall Down and Adore – Corpus Christi 2018
Early Trinitarian Heresies – Trinity Sunday 2018
A Simple Way to Understand the Holy Spirit – Pentecost 2018
Knowledge of Jesus’ Revelation Depends Upon This – Ascension 2018
Our 35th Anniversary
Stay Attached to Christ, the True Vine
Jesus, Our Good Shepherd
Luke 24 – Repentance for the Forgiveness of Sins
Divine Mercy For You
Easter 2018 – the Unique Gifts of Jesus’ Resurrection
Holy Thursday 2018 – the Apostolic Ministry
Palm Sunday 2018 – Jesus Understands our Suffering
John 12 – to Love is to Suffer
John 3 – Babylon or Jerusalem?
Lent: Temple Cleaning Time
What’s the Significance of Abraham and Isaac?
How to Go to Confession
Mark 1 – How Jesus and His Church Changed Healthcare
 For This Purpose Have I Come
Mark 1 – the Issue of Authority, and the Evangelical Counsels
Mark 1 – Abandon Your Nets
John 1 – What Are You Looking For?
Come, Let Us Adore Him! – Epiphany 2018
What is the Family? – Feast of the Holy Family 2017
The Face of the Imageless God – Christmas 2017
Jesus, the New David
In Humility, John Admitted What He Was Not
Some Advent Suggestions to Prepare Christ’s Way 2017
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 2017
What I Say to You, I Say to All – Watch!
Christ the King is Now Disguised in the Lowly
Matthew 25 – the Privileged Duty of Married Couples
Matthew 25 – St. Augustine on the Wise and Foolish Virgins
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