Bulletin & Homilies

Oh no! – Luke 16
To Seek Out or to Patiently Await – Luke 15
Faith as ‘Light and Polite’ or Total – Luke 14
On Humility – Luke 14
Have the Strength to Enter the Narrow Gate
The Truth Isn’t Always Positive – Luke 12
One Gamble or Another – Luke 12
We Are Not Epicureans – Luke 12
State of the Parish & State of the Priest
Keeping Oneself in Balance While Serving – Luke 10
The Difference Between Love Before Christ and Love After Christ
The Repeal of Roe vs. Wade
Life is for Love, Not For Self – Luke 9
Revival of the Heart – Belief in the True Presence
Trinity Sunday 2022
The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Explained – Pentecost 2022
Jesus’ Leadership Shown by the Ascension
We Won’t Be Troubled if We Trust the Holy Spirit – John 14
Small Trusts and Hopes vs. Big – John 10
Tend and Feed My Sheep – Some Requests on the Reception of Holy Communion
Blessed Carlo Acutis and Eucharistic Miracles
The Hope that Easter Brings
Jesus’ Response to Abuse – Palm Sunday 2022
A Few Things to Know About Confession – Luke 15
Our Spiritual Journey Through Chaos
The Rarity of Extraordinary Religious Experiences
Since Even the Devil Can Quote Scripture, We Must Interpret Carefully
What Does Jesus Mean When He Says, Stop Judging? Luke 6
Jesus, What Did You Mean When Your Preached the Beatitudes? Luke 6
My Vocation Story – Luke 5
Rededication Mass – Bishop Vetter

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October 2, 2022___Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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