Religious Education

Sophia Institute Family of Faith Program

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Monthly Family Faith Formation

This year Saint John Vianney will again be using the Sophia Institute Family of Faith Program. Each month there will be three weeks of lesson instruction given in various ways and one week to rest and review. At least one parent is expected to attend each class with the participating children. 

Week One:

In order that our parishioners be formed in the faith together, the first weekend of each month will begin with a Theology Night. This will take place from 6-7pm and will typically be the first week of the month (see calendar below for exact dates). Dinner will be provided by the parish and a talk on the overarching concepts of the month will be provided by Father Gilbaugh. Father’s talks will be oriented towards adults with the children participating in a group prayer and lesson upstairs in the Church. These Theology Nights will give parents a deeper insight into the material, which will be especially helpful for teaching the At-Home Lessons. 

Week Two:

At least one Parent and all registered children (ages 5 and up) will participate in a 90 minute small group family faith formation. Rather than use a grade-level model, family groups will partake in activities and discussion together at Saint John Vianney. These family groups will remain the same throughout the year in order to provide the opportunity for relationships to form within each group. Lessons and activities will be available for older kids and younger kids. These meetings will also be on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm.

Week Three: 

It is critical that children experience the home as the principal place where faith is shared and practiced. Alongside the monthly Family Faith Formation, our curriculum supplies a second lesson and fun activities for the home each month. We encourage the small groups from Family Faith Formation to get together on their own one time during the month (usually reserved for the third week) to complete the at-home activity.

Week Four:

Revisit and review material learned. During this week we will review material by incorporating activities, prayer time and interactive discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is our parish making this change in religious education?

 Research shows more than half of those raised as Catholics leave the Church later in life. This happens for many reasons, but one thing we do know is that any past success in religious education programs depended on families regularly participating in Sunday Mass and actively practicing their faith at home on a daily basis, but this isn’t always the case today. Our Catholic Faith is so much more than an hour on Sunday mornings; it is a daily way of life. A Family of Faith fosters both the education necessary to help us understand the faith more fully and the materials to help us carry on the conversations of faith in our homes in a way that is livable and sustainable.

How will the lessons meet the needs of different aged kids if they aren’t grade level based?

The lessons are designed to be a part of family life and conversation with the whole family. Just as conversation at the dinner table involves all different ages while allowing all to take part so too will the lessons planned for the small family groups.

Who is this for? What if we don’t have children or our kids are grown?

The at-home lessons are geared for kids in grades K-8, but all parishioners are most welcome to get involved. Teens can help teach younger siblings or assist younger families during adult sessions. All adults and older teens can come and benefit from the teaching during the adult sessions.

We meet at the church from 6-7pm on Wednesdays for our first and second meeting of each month. The third meeting each month with take place in the home and will be left up to the parents of the small groups to coordinate.

Religious Education Calendar
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Registration Information

If you want your child to join in the faith and fun but have yet to register, please fill out our Religious Education form online by registering here.

The goals of Religious Education are to empower our youth to live as disciples of Jesus, to encourage them to participate responsibly in the life and work of our faith community, and to foster total personal and spiritual growth.

“That you may be strengthened in your inner being with power through [God’s] Spirit, and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love.” (Ephesians 3:16-17)